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    Episode 7 - Growth - it's more than just marketing

    On our first two-part episode we are delighted to be joined by Jason Bennett and Marissa Buckley, co-founders of Brilliantly Done SAAS, a software as a service platform that serves as a virtual Chief Growth Officer for their clients a growth firm of Fractional Chief Growth Officers reinventing how InsurTech startups grow and scale.  A key component to their mantra is, "your perfect customers, exceptionally happy." To make that happen they help InsurTech clients uniquely position their value in the market, conduct rapid experimentation to validate market fit, and deploy the most efficient use of people, tech, processes, and systems to optimize the full-cycle customer journey. Enter Brilliantly.

    Learn more about Brilliantly at www.brilliantlysaas.com.

    Greg Lestini

    Marissa Buckley and Jason Bennett

    Brilliantly Done SAAS