Industries & Practices

Business Restructuring & Reorganization

Receivers’ counsel and advisor

Represented and advised court-appointed receivers in state court proceedings to manage and liquidate real property and/or businesses.


Customers and suppliers in bankruptcy

Helped navigate various vendors, suppliers and customers through all phases of the bankruptcy process.


Recapitalization of FinTech borrower

Represented a privately held borrower in the FinTech space to recapitalize the company, which included amending and restructuring its $40 million corporate credit facility, its $250 million warehouse facility, and multiple warrants for various classes of both common and preferred equity.  In connection with the recapitalization, the firm also restructured the employee equity plan. The lender was a New York-based private equity firm.


Bizarre treasure saga ends with large jury verdict

Won a $16.4 million verdict after three-week jury trial against Tommy Thompson, the notorious treasure hunter who found the wreck site of the S.S. Central America, which sank in 1857, and recovered $100 million in treasure comprised of Gold Rush gold coins and gold bars, but from which the investors never saw a dime. For more information, please read The Columbus Dispatch or view a presentation by Quintin Lindsmith where he describes this case. 


Receiver representation for commercial properties in Ohio

Served as receiver's counsel on all issues related to property management, leasing and sale and assisted in the successful resolution of receivership cases across the state.