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    What’s up? National Underwriter’s Property Casualty 360?  gives an update on the status of drone regulation and insurance implications. There are still many unanswered questions on coverage and liability when it comes to personal and commercial use of drones and this article helps sort out where we are today. Read more >>

    An overview of top funding rounds for insurtech companies includes two central Ohio superstars, Root and Bold Penguin, showing longevity and strength in the two companies. Read more >>

    With the results of the 2018 national elections shifting control of the U.S. House of Representatives, the financial services industry is evaluating what this means for business. The protection of consumer financial data – and protection of the consumer – may be in the spotlight on Capitol Hill. While adopting regulations like GDPR and PSD2 may be far off for the U.S., “the [House]chamber’s rhetoric toward financial services issues is likely to change.” Read more >> (For related information regarding election results and legislation, visit the firm’s Government Relations page.)

    In a time when many in the traditional insurance industry question what exactly makes for an “insurtech” company, one company laps other traditional insurers in list of fastest growing P&C companies. Metromile Insurance Co. uses advanced data and telematics to create a “pay-per-mile” product that is obviously appealing to a new generation of auto policy consumers. What is sure to be just one in a series of list-toppers this year, insurtech companies are paving an interesting and innovative path in the insurance industry. Read more >>

    NAIC urging insurers to follow drone use guidelines during Hurricane Harvey response. Read more >>

    Codes and coverage are just a few of the many questions that medical marijuana is raising and will continue to raise in the insurance industry. In Ohio, medical marijuana use can still be cause for termination. In other states, not so. As law enforcement struggles with the enforcement of modern marijuana use, insurers are looking at how the use is coded in medical situations and what the liability is when an accident occurs. All of these questions will undoubtedly find their way to a court of law in the states where marijuana use is legalized. The feds likely won’t take up questions until the drug is removed from schedule 1 classification. Read more >>

    Insurance impacts all areas of our daily lives, including the entertainment we enjoy. A New York court recently ruled that Tony Stewart’s General Liability coverage did not extend to the race in which he struck and killed fellow driver Kevin A. Ward, Jr. Read more >>

    Ohio Congressman proposes consumption tax similar to Ohio’s CAT. Read more >>