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    R Street Insurance Regulation Report Card

    R Street, a relatively new player in the insurance world, released its 2014 report card for the insurance environment of all 50 states. R Street is free-market/limited government think tank that started issuing its Insurance Regulation Report Card just two years ago. The institute examines a number of different issues, and insurance regulation is just one subset of its work.

    The 2014 report card measures a number of different variables in each state’s regulatory framework. Generally, the group asks three questions:

    • How free are consumers to choose the insurance products they want?
    • How free are insurers to provide the insurance products consumers want?
    • How effectively are states discharging their duties to monitor insurer solvency, police fraud and consumer abuse and foster competitive, private insurance markets?

    The report details R Street’s methodology in rating and ranking each state in the union.

    The number one state for free market-friendly insurance regulation in 2014 was Vermont. In 50th place was California.  Ohio improved its rating over 2013 and is ranked in the report as number seven.  R Street listed a weakness in Ohio’s workers compensation regulations – due clearly to the state-run nature of the Buckeye State’s system. 

    Download the 2014 Insurance Regulation Report Card.

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