Industries & Practices

Regulatory Law

Regulatory Law

    We understand our clients' businesses, markets, issues, liabilities, risks and opportunities and help make proactive, informed decisions to ensure compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

    Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team of attorneys and consultants provide guidance on federal, state and regional regulatory and compliance issues. We assist our clients through compliance program development and implementation, regulatory hearings, governmental investigations, government contract and spending initiatives, public policy advocacy, and more.   

    We regularly assist the following types of clients:

    • Banking and financial institutions
    • Businesses and corporations
    • Colleges & universities
    • Construction companies
    • Employers
    • Economic development incentive recipients
    • Energy and environmental companies
    • Health care providers and organizations
    • Insurance companies
    • Manufacturers
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Political action committees (PACs)
    • Political candidates
    • Public officials
    • Publicly held entities
    • School districts and related educational entities
    • Tech companies
    • Trade associations and business alliances
    • Transportation and logistics companies

    Areas of Focus

    Banking & Financial Services

    From community banks and mortgage lenders to international operations and all settlement service providers, clients across the country rely on our national-caliber skill and relevant industry experience to help them prepare for and overcome regulatory and compliance challenges. More


    Our lawyer-lobbyists have excellent working relationships with legislators, regulators and insurers in Ohio and throughout the U.S. We have been involved in virtually every major legislative issue relating to the insurance industry in Ohio, helping shape the laws impacting insurers that conduct business in the state. Our attorneys frequently advise clients on:

    • Company formation and filings
    • Product and rate filings
    • Market conduct exams
    • Agent appointment and filings
    • I-SNP and Medicaid Managed Care plan advice
    • Corporate governance

    Business & Corporate

    Corporate Governance
    We regularly advise boards, committees of the board and senior executives on today's most important governance matters impacting their organizations. These challenges include fiduciary duties of directors, ESG (environmental, social, governance) matters, board structure and organization, board committee structure and charters, board and committee self-evaluations, audits of governance practices, strategic planning, board and executive succession planning, risk management (including cyber risk), conflicts of interest, and board practices and procedures. MORE >

    Economic Development Incentives Compliance
    Our attorneys guide incentive recipients from start to finish. We begin with negotiation of award requirements, and partner with incentive recipients until all award requirements have been satisfied. For businesses with existing awards, we provide advice regarding outstanding requirements, either in connection with ongoing reporting obligations or in response to any investigation or enforcement actions by the award provider. MORE >

    Employment & Labor
    By educating the employers with which we work, anticipating complications and assisting with preventative measures, we help employers maintain a flexible and compliant employment operation to avoid lawsuits and the costly civil penalties that come from noncompliance. MORE >

    Privacy & Data Protection
    We monitor legislation, regulations and court decisions to ensure that our clients abide by the latest data security rules. Our team has broad experience with identifying areas of need by analyzing the strength of existing compliance systems, technical controls and procedures. We also conduct trainings to prevent breaches, create and implement online privacy policies, website terms of use and cookie policies. MORE >


    Colleges & Universities
    Our higher education team assists colleges and universities in every aspect of developing, maintaining, and defending its compliance program. From Title IV to Title IX, from Clery to FERPA, from NCAA to NIL, and everything in between, we help find proactive solutions, create training programs and assist with investigations and implementation reviews to ensure regulatory compliance at the federal, state and organizational levels. MORE >

    Education (Pre-K to 12)
    Our lawyer-lobbyists work with schools, school districts, boards of education and trade associations to develop and execute effective advocacy plans. Whether lobbying for legislative change or taking an issue to the ballot, we partner with schools to ensure their students’ and employees’ interests are heard. MORE >

    Education Board Governance
    Ensuring compliance with sunshine laws and ethics laws, we help board members, administrators and other employees of public entities maintain the trust of their public constituents. We also counsel clients regularly on resolutions, policy language and ethical compliance and provide training to prevent problems before they arise. MORE >

    Energy & Environment: Government Relations and Regulatory Agencies

    Bricker’s lawyer-lobbyists are continuously monitoring the political climate — and in certain cases driving legislation — to influence the energy-related issues that directly impact our clients. We use firsthand knowledge of election, ethics, lobbying and contracting law to represent clients before various state regulatory commissions. Specific services include specialized rule compliance, certification, permitting and siting, reporting compliance, regulatory requirement guidance, policy-making procedures, and consumer issues. MORE >

    Our firm is known to be at the forefront of the regulatory proceedings that are shaping the future of environmental regulation. We were intimately involved with the implementation of House Bill 592 which revolutionized the solid waste business in Ohio nearly 30 years ago.

    Our environmental practice focuses on all aspects of environmental law, both state and federal, including counseling on regulatory compliance and litigation before Ohio’s Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) and state and federal courts. MORE >

    Regulatory Agencies
    From litigation to transactional work, our experience is broad and includes representation before regulatory agencies, such as the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Ohio Power Siting Board, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

    Health Care Providers & Organizations

    Our attorneys work with hospitals, health systems, nursing homes and other types of health care providers, as well as health information exchanges, trade associations and other businesses supporting the health care industry to ensure their facilities, operations and staffs are aware of and in compliance with various regulations and compliance obligations. With our long history and deep familiarity with the industry and ongoing analysis of current health care laws and regulations, we regularly assist organizations in operating effectively within heavily-regulated structures while also advocating policy changes.

    We routinely advise clients on:

    • Transactions
    • Stark Law
    • Anti-Kickback Statute
    • Civil Monetary Penalties Law
    • False Claims Act
    • Qui tam actions
    • Provider-based regulations
    • Survey, licensure and accreditation
    • Provider enrollment and change of ownership
    • Medicare/Medicaid requirements
    • Audits and compliance
    • Privacy issues, including HIPAA and Part 2
    • Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
    • Corporate governance
    • Tax and tax exemption issues
    • Clinical research
    • Antitrust
    • Managed care and insurance regulation
    • Publicly owned hospitals and health systems



    Our longstanding service to companies, associations and coalitions, especially the Ohio Manufacturer’s Association, has earned us an effective voice with legislators and regulators. Our team focuses on laws and regulations impacting supply chain, OSHA, zoning, labor & employment, safety, and other issues impacting manufacturers in Ohio and throughout the region. More