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    DeWine announces more Ohio reopenings

    DeWine announces more Ohio reopenings

    On May 14, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine announced that childcare providers may reopen on May 31. Childcare providers will have increased cleaning and sanitizing requirements, and class sizes will be reduced. Playground and outdoor activities will be permitted, but field trips will not be allowed. Additionally, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted announced several other reopenings, including that day camps are permitted to open on May 31, with new safety guidelines and protocols being announced on May 15. Ohio BMVs will reopen on May 26, but the administration is still urging Ohioans to utilize online BMV services. Campgrounds may reopen on May 21. Horse racing may resume on May 22, but spectators are prohibited. However, the administration noted that racinos and casinos cannot yet reopen.

    The administration also announced that several fitness and recreational activities may reopen or resume activities on May 26:

    • Gyms and fitness centers
    • Limited contact or no-contact sports leagues and activities (a working group is still developing protocols for contact sports and activities like soccer or lacrosse)
    • Pools that are regulated by a local health department (not waterparks or amusement parks)

    The House and Senate continued working on legislation aimed at protecting health care workers and businesses against liability during COVID-19. On May 12, 2020, the House Civil Justice Committee held a first hearing on House Bill 606, and the committee adopted a substitute version of the bill. Chair Hambley indicated the bill will receive a second hearing next week. A similar bill, Senate Bill 308, received its second hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. A substitute version of the bill was adopted as the working document. Several witnesses provided proponent testimony, including several of the business groups, such as the Ohio Association of Retail Merchants, Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice and Ohio Chamber of Commerce. The bill was starred for a vote, but Chair Eklund did not call for a vote on the bill. Therefore, another hearing on the bill will likely occur soon.

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