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PACE Financing Resource Center

PACE Financing Resource Center

    Property owners throughout the Midwest are using PACE financing to unlock energy saving and renewable energy opportunities. PACE allows them to pay for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies through special assessments paid with their property taxes. The mechanism provides access to long-term, fixed-rate financing. In well-structured transactions, PACE allows property owners to avoid up-front cash outlays, and the savings realized from the project can equal or exceed the special assessment costs.

    Bricker's Economic Development team has been at the forefront of the burgeoning PACE market. Our attorneys have unmatched experience guiding clients through all phases and types of PACE transactions. Advising on PACE laws, PACE program structure and PACE projects throughout the region, we have gained national notoriety for our knowledge and experience within this specific area of law. Specifically, we are partners with C-PACE Alliance and PACENation, we have been selected as a Commercial PACE Working Group C-PACE Advisor by the United States Department of Energy and we are regular speakers at national events. 

    We have created this resource to highlight the opportunities, challenges and mechanics of PACE financing. 

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